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Seaford's police chief takes job with Middletown police

Feb 21, 2019

The City of Seaford’s police chief Robert Kracyla recently announced he’s resigning that post. And he's leaving for another job elsewhere in the state.

Kracyla is heading to Middletown to take over as chief of police there.

He’s making the move just under one year on the job in Seaford, but Kracyla says he accomplished a number of things in that short period of time.

“I think the most successful thing and the thing that I got the most positive response from the community was - instituting mandatory foot patrols. Another thing going on right now and we’re in the middle of it and it has been highly accepted and well received is our first Citizens Police Academy,” Kracyla said.

Kracyla’s last day on the job in Seaford is March 1.  He starts in Middletown March 4 and expects he’ll have to adjust to slightly different demographics.

“But it essentially they’re all the same in that it’s about engaging trust with the community and building a relationship with the community. I think that’s really what it comes down to,” said Kracyla.


Kracyla says the decision to leave Seaford for Middletown was in part a personal one.

He says his sons go to school in Middletown and he wants to continue to be an active part of their lives, which includes coaching them in athletics.

Kracyla currently lives in Lewes and plans to move to Middletown.

Kracyla’s career started with a three year stint in the Dover Police Department.  After that, he spent 27 years with Delaware State Police before retiring and taking a job with Delaware Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement (DATE).  He was there for six years before accepting the job as Seaford’s police chief.