Delaware Public Media

Scientific history to be explored on the Green

Aug 1, 2017

From herbal remedies to genetic testing, the history of science in the Delaware will be on display for the First Saturday events on the Green in the state capital.

First State Heritage Park Superintendent Sarah Zimmerman said medicine during the Revolutionary War will take center stage at the John Bell House.

"Some of the stuff they did in the in the 18th century was on point. They were able to start quarantining. So they kept people who were sick away from people who were well. But some of the other stuff is a little bit more gruesome," Zimmerman said. "For example, we have a whole program on amputation." 

Other events explore the first technology used to record music at the Victrola Museum and a look at DNA research through the years at the Delaware Public Archives. First Saturday events start August 5 from 9:00 a.m. through the afternoon on the Green in Dover.