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Rehoboth Beach parks next on list for signage renovations

Apr 5, 2021

Rehoboth Beach is looking to clean up parks around the city with new signage.


After what city commissioners call a successful rebrand of the city through new signage, they are again pursuing a mission of improving the aesthetics of the town.


an example of some of the proposed signage to go up in Rehoboth Beach's parks
Credit City of Rehoboth Beach

Commissioner Jay Lagree comments on the city's exploration to replace all existing signage in city parks with new, unified branding.


“Given the perception in the reduction of clutter, it’s just amazing how we can have the similar signs up that don’t seem so cluttered as they did when everything was different and put up piece by piece," Lagree said.


City Arborist Elizabeth Lingo says fixing signs in Lake Gerar Park required some manual labor.


“And I literally found myself cobbling together last year some of the signs at Lake Gerar with a  hammer and nails — and meanwhile we have these beautiful signs and I’m going up around the city and nailing these planks back together," Lingo said.


But some Rehoboth Beach residents aren’t happy with the funding put towards this project.


One resident told commissioners during the virtual meeting they shouldn’t be spending so much money on signage, and should bring up these costs ahead of time rather after the fact.


City staff will spend a year and a half figuring out which city park signs - including existing bulletin boards- need replacing and logistics of doing the work.


City staff say this renovation project should be significantly cheaper than changes made during last year’s rebranding of city signs.