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New Castle County takes push to wear masks on the road

Aug 5, 2020

New Castle County is partnering with a local company to promote the wearing of masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


"To help raise and elevate a message that we need to hear more and more these days just on the importance of wearing a face mask," said Carvertise CEO Mac Macleod.

Macleod, like the county, wants to get the important message of wearing a face mask out to the public. Carvertise based in New Castle, is a company that wraps cars with advertisements.

In this case, Carvertise is putting large surgical masks on 11 county vehicles, including paramedics and public works cars and trucks, over the next three months.

The vehicles were selected by the county because they are the most viewed driving according to Macleod.

"That is a combination of both driving mileage and parking exposure so over the course of the next three months to come you'll be seeing a ton of #TeamMask, a lot of face masked county vehicles driving up and down through and across the county," said Macleod.

New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer and Carvertise CEO Mac Macleod demonstrate putting a mask on one of the county's vehicles.
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This is to promote wearing masks, and the promotion is designed to get people engaged to join #TeamMask for the health and safety of their communities.

"Team Mask is about keeping our residents safe," said County Executive Matt Meyer. "Unfortunately in this day and age it's little bit controversial to stand up and say 'Hey everybody wear a mask.' It is uncontroversial among the medical profession, among scientists that simply putting on a mask help prevent the spread of a deadly virus so we want to do everything we can, use every creative tool we can to prevent the spread of this deadly virus."

The county is spending $7,700 on the three month campaign, using some of the county’s CARES Act federal COVID relief funding.