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New AG Kathy Jennings announces leadership team

Jan 2, 2019

Attorney General Kathy Jennings took her oath of office on New Year’s Day. She announced her senior staff Wednesday.


Current Assistant U.S. Attorney Alex Mackler will serve as the Chief Deputy Attorney General. He’ll start in May following active duty with the Army National Guard.

Former U.S. Attorney and State Attorney General Charles Oberly joins the office to advise the attorney general on reform initiatives involving the criminal justice system.

“I told the people of Delaware, and the people of Delaware told me, that there need to be changes to the criminal justice system that will make it more fair and just while keeping people safe,” Attorney General Jennings said in a statement.

Several Department of Justice senior staff members under Matt Denn will continue in their positions. These include State Solicitor Allison Reardon, Director of the Family Division Abigail Layton, Head of the Office of Civil Rights and Public Trust Sonia Augusthy and Chief of Staff Gregory Patterson.

A.J. Roop previously headed the Crime Strategies Unit. He will serve as State Prosecutor.