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Nemours to host D.C. conference on pediatrics and the economy

Aug 8, 2018

Nemours is hosting a conference in Washington D.C. this fall to discuss the relationship between children’s health and the economy.

The invitation-only day-long discussion is called “Pediatrics Moneyball.”

Elected officials, non-profit leaders and academics will consider how to strategically invest in child wellness to create a healthier future population and drive down the cost of care.

Gina Altieri is the Senior Vice President of Corporate Services and Chief of Strategy Integration at Nemours. She says some of the key discussion points will be early childhood literacy, mental health care and chronic condition management.

“That patients actually have access to the provider, helping them understand the child’s condition before it gets to the point where they actually have to go to the emergency room or now it’s causing other problems,” said Altieri.

Altieri says the conversations planned for the event are in line with an ongoing movement toward healthcare based on data and patient outcomes, both nationally and here in Delaware.

“If we can look at big data, some strategic investments, some outcomes and financial analysis, then we might be able to decide what, in fact, we should invest in today that we might have a healthier generation in the future,” she said.

Keynote speakers will include former CNN CEO Walter Isaacson and former National Security Advisor Colin Powell, followed by panel discussions on technology, consumerism and population health.

The event is scheduled for October 11th.