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McDole family hires Baltimore attorney who won Freddie Gray settlement

Oct 15, 2015


The family of Jeremy McDole, the black man shot and killed in his wheelchair by Wilmington Police last month, has hired a lawyer who won a major settlement in a case involving Baltimore police.

It's attorney Billy Murphy Jr., who represented the family of Freddie Gray.


Gray's case made national headlines earlier this year. The 25-year-old black man died of a spinal injury while in Baltimore police custody in April, after being arrested for allegedly possessing an illegal switchblade.

Prominent Baltimore-based attorney Billy Murphy, Jr. won a $6.9 million settlement from the city of Baltimore for Gray's family -- before filing any suit.

Speaking to reporters in Wilmington Thursday, Murphy said he would pursue justice for Jeremy McDole's family. No suit has been filed there yet, either.

But calls have been mounting in Delaware for an independent federal investigation into McDole's death. The NAACP and Delaware Black Caucus have questioned a police account saying officers -- most of them white -- fired on McDole after he reached for a gun. They'd been responding to a 9-1-1 call saying a man in a wheelchair had shot himself.

Wilmington Police and the state Department of Justice are conducting their own investigations into the case. The DOJ has said investigators in its Office of Civil Rights and Public Trust are separate from those who regularly deal with law enforcement, making them able to fairly investigate cases involving police.