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Mayor Williams at odds with Wilm. City Council over foot patrol funding

Dec 18, 2015

Wilmington Mayor Dennis Williams says he's not comfortable taking the $1.5 million for extra foot patrols from The General Assembly in light of current stipulations - stipulations that would require the city to work with a crime consultant and release data about police deployment.

In a statement from his office, spokeswoman Alexandra Coppadge said that there are “unfair strings attached” to the money.

But the Wilmington City Council passed a resolution last night urging the Mayor and Police Chief to fully cooperate with the State. In their resolution, members of Council cited Wilmington’s “unrelenting level of violent crime,” which they argue is destroying families and the city’s economic future.

Williams says he fears these stipulations could signal a state takeover. 

"I’m concerned about the restrictions and constraints put on us. To the point where we have to open up everything in the police department and give it to the General Assembly, and give it to the Attorney General’s office. That’s micromanaging, and you know, when the camel starts sniffing under the tent, the camel walks in the tent," he told Delaware Public Media Friday morning.


Wilmington City Council President Theo Gregory doesn’t agree.

"Saying that, it goes to they’re taking over the city - no, it’s called a conversation, it’s called compromise, it’s called working together. If I’m going to give you $1.5 million, I have a right to say, “Can you give me the data?”' said Gregory.

Mayor Williams and Chief Cummings are scheduled to meet with Attorney General Denn in the near future to discuss the requests.