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Historic picnic pavilion at Redden State Forest re-opens; safer for community use

Jul 18, 2018

A historic picnic pavilion at Redden State Forest is once again open to the public.


The pavilion was closed in early 2017 due to persistent illegal activity.

Delaware Forest Service assistant forest administrator Kyle Hoyd says re-opening the area in the forest just outside of Ellendale and Georgetown was a result of a partnership with various agencies.

“We decided to come up with a law enforcement plan with the help of Homeland Security, DNREC Fish and Wildlife and the Delaware State Police. And between increased patrols, the lighting that’s taken place in the area and wireless and wired cameras, we feel that this area is going to be a welcoming place for families to visit now,” Hoyd said.


Hoyd says officials hope increased patrols, brighter lighting and 24-hour video surveillance will deter crime.

“Really a lot of the activity that was taking place…..we had trash dumping taking place, which takes place all over the state, as everybody knows. We had drug activities taking place and some unwanted solicitation of visitors,” said Hoyd.


Hoyd said new signage along the area’s many trails also reminds visitors the site is closed from dusk to dawn.

He says the agencies involved in keeping the pavillion safe hope everyone will join the effort by staying alert for suspicious activity and reporting it immediately by calling 911.