Delaware Public Media

Heat and humidity will continue through Friday

Jul 4, 2018

Hazy, hot and humid conditions are going to continue for a few more days across the First State.

“Today (Wed., July 4), the temperature in Dover, in Central Delaware, will probably be only in the upper 80’s, which is a little bit of a break from yesterday. Temperatures on Thursday will be similar and Friday will be similar, but after that a front will go through during the day Friday; it’ll be accompanied by thunderstorms,” said National Weather Service meteorologist Patrick O’Hara.  


O'Hara says a Bermuda High has been causing the hazy and extremely hot and humid conditions.


"It’s just a large, stagnant area of high pressure, both at the surface and in  the upper atmosphere. It tends to cause a lot of descending air, air coming from aloft and as it tends to warm as it descends and it’s just one of these stagnant patterns that happens several times during the summer.”


O’Hara says once that front goes through, a lot drier and cooler conditions will move in for both Saturday and Sunday.

He says temperatures will be in the low 80’s for the weekend and the humidity will much lower, making it feel cooler.

However, he says don’t get used to the lower temps or humidity, because by next week - Tuesday and Wednesday - both will be back.