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Hartley-Nagle wins primary for New Castle County Council President

Sep 16, 2020

The incumbent New Castle County Council President overcomes two challengers in the Democratic primary.

Karen Hartley-Nagle defeated both Monique Johns and Ciro Poppiti, picking up over 40 percent of the vote in the three-way race.


Hartley-Nagle is looking for her second term as council president in November’s general election.  Her only listed opponent is Brian Whitaker with the Independent Party of Delaware.

Hartley-Nagle says she’s humbled people are giving her a chance to stay on as New Castle County President.

"I believe that all the constituent service that I do 7 days a week - available 24/7 - I think it shows the people care that you care about them and that it matters that you really look out for them and it's genuine," said Hartley-Nagle. "I think I believe they know it is for me that I'm in here to serve, and I love my job. And I think the people see that."

If she wins a second term, her agenda includes helping those hurt most by the pandemic as well as a few other items.

"And some people are really hurting so I am going to be focused on that first,  but then it's jobs, it's the comprehensive land-use plan you know to make sure the people have input which I really strongly encouraged and I reach out to people," said Hartley-Nagle. "And I'm just so encouraged that I work so hard and that people really appreciate it they say it and they want more of that."

Incumbent New Castle County Exec. Matt Meyer also won his Democatic primary, topping Maggie Jones by more than 10 thousand votes.