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The Green - January 8, 2021

Jan 8, 2021

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The latest group tasked with addressing long-term educational inequities faced by Delaware’s neediest students is moving ahead with its efforts.

The Redding Consortium for Educational Equity offered its interim recommendations to Gov. John Carney last week. 

What is the Redding Consortium suggesting?  And where does it fit with last fall’s settlement of the state education funding lawsuit?

Contributor Larry Nagengast examines these questions and more this week.


Martin Luther King Jr. Day is January 18th. Since 1994, the holiday has served as a national day of service, encouraging Americans to get out into their communities and volunteer in honor of the civil rights leader.

Many organizations here in Delaware rely on volunteer support to protect the environment, save lives and help those in need.

And Delaware Public Media’s Roman Battaglia reports they see the Martin Luther King Day of Service as more than just a day.

Delaware’s arts community was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Museums, galleries and theaters remain shuttered or limited by the virus, leaving many artists, writers and dancers out of work.

Now, a state nonprofit behavioral health services support provider hopes to help that group with affordable housing.

The Quaker Arts Project will include 53 affordable housing apartment units - and those involved in the arts will get first preference for them.

Connections Community Support Programs communications director Theresa Buchanan joined Delaware Public Media’s Kelli Steele for this week’s Arts Playlist to discuss the project.

Salt marshes are known as a “sink” for global warming-causing carbon.

That’s important for Delaware, since the small, coastal state has lots of these ecosystems.

But what scientists didn’t know is that they also hold another, even more potent greenhouse gas - methane. That’s the conclusion of research out of the University of Delaware.

In this week’s Enlighten Me, Delaware Public Media’s Sophia Schmidt talks with one of the researchers studying this, Rodrigo Vargas, about how science missed this detail, and what it might mean for mitigating climate change.