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The Green - December 14, 2018

Dec 14, 2018

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Earlier this fall, the State of Delaware received a three-year, $10.4 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education to improve state’s charter school system.

At the time, the Delaware Dept of Ed said the money would support sharing best practices between charter schools and other public schools, while providing funds to new charter schools for planning and existing charters for expansion.

What will that look like in practice?  Contributor Larry Nagengast offers some answers in his latest piece.

Nemours Children’s Health System recently appointment Dr. Mary Lee as its Enterprise Chief Scientific Officer.

In her new role, Dr. Lee will lead the organization’s efforts to develop better treatments and new cures for children.

Lee recently spoke with Delaware Public Media’s Nick Ciolino about the latest in Nemours' medical research.

Wilmington resident and painter Lauren E. Peters has a new exhibition of self-portraits on display at the Mezzanine Gallery in the Carvel State Office Building in Wilmington.

The exhibition is called “Ship of Theseus."

In this week’s Arts Playlist, Delaware Public Media’s Kelli Steele chats with Peters about this series of self-portraits attempts to explore that concept of identity.

Last week, we took you to the University of Delaware to highlight work created by students there.

This week, we return to Newark to hear from more student voices at UD, telling stories about issues and topics they find interesting and important.

These pieces were produced by UD Communications students – for a class taught by Nancy Karibjanian - long-time First State journalist, Director of UD’s Center for Political Communication –and one of founders of Delaware Public Media.

And they cover a variety of topics ranging from a cappella music and swing dance to student housing and training future educators.