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Gov. Carney updates state use of COVID relief funds

Dec 8, 2020

The state provides an update on how it’s handed out COVID relief grants.

At his weekly COVID-19 press briefing, Gov. John Carney said the majority of Delaware Relief Grants headed to small businesses, restaurants, bars, retail shops and barbershops.

So far, restaurants alone received $40 million. 

And Carney noted more than half of the grants targeted businesses with fewer than five employees.
More than a third of the grants have gone to women-owned businesses while over a quarter reached minority-owned businesses.

Carney breaks down how many grants and total dollars have been approved.

"Over 2,500 grants that have been approved," said Carney. "Over a $110 million dollars of grants have been approved.  As part of that, with an $82 million base the first time around, if you will, and then this second increment to cover some of the restrictions that we just recently put in place another $28 million in what we've been referring to as bonuses."

Carney also announced financial relief for downstate fire companies.

“We do have a million dollars that we've set aside from our COVID support fund from the federal government for first responders volunteer fire companies in Kent and Sussex County," said Carney. "You probably know that resources were made available by the COVID-19 resources that came from the Federal government for New Castle County."