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GOP endorsed Julianne Murray will face Gov. Carney in November

Sep 16, 2020

Julianne Murray won the Republican primary for governor Tuesday night.


Murray, the GOP’s endorsed candidate, beat out State Senator Colin Bonini and five others.


Bonini ran against Carney for governor back in 2016 and lost in a landslide.  He lost to Murray Tuesday by just over 3,500 votes.


Murray says she thinks it’s time for someone who is not a career politician to be the state’s chief executive,


“I know how to speak, I know how to present and I connect. And voting can be an emotional reaction; and if the voter likes the candidate and connects with the candidate, it’s really powerful. And I think that this primary is indicative of that.”


Murray says the party is already working to unify their base so they can work to convince undecided voters and Democrats that Carney does not deserve a second term.


She adds the goal now is to reunite Republican voters behind her.


“Every single one of them pledged that if they were not the candidate that won on primary night that they would support who was. So I think all of us had a very common goal which is we don’t want Carney to get re-elected in November. So I actually think the unifying is gonna happen.”


Murray faces an uphill battle.  A Republican candidate hasn’t won the governor’s office since 1988.


She thinks her approach to small businesses and her criticism of Carney’s approach to COVID-19 recovery will help her in the general election.


Murray says Carney is taking the reopening of the state too slow and hurting small businesses in the process.


The state should focus less on the positive infection rate and look more-so at the hospitalizations and the death rate. She says


Carney won his primary with David Lamar Williams Jr. handily, earning  nearly 85% of the vote Tuesday.