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First State casts its Electoral College votes for President-elect Biden

Dec 14, 2020

As expected, Delaware’s portion of the Electoral College vote goes off without a hitch, giving own of its own the state's 3 electoral votes.

"The electors have cast three votes for Joseph R. Biden of Delaware for President of the United States, and three votes for Kamala D. Harris of California for Vice President of the United States," said Delaware Secretary of State Jeff Bullock, confirming the votes of Delaware’s electors, former Democratic Party Chair John Daniello, Marie Mayor, and Marla Blunt-Carter.

There were no issues in Delaware’s portion of the Electoral College proceedings as the electors affirmed the election results of Delaware’s three electoral votes for President-elect Joe Biden and VP-elect Kamala Harris.

Daniello says Biden is the right person at the right time.

"We have on both sides, radicals on the left and the right calling for the abolition of the Constitution. I know that the man we elected president will uphold that Constitution and get us back on the road of law,"said Daniello.

Marla Blunt-Carter, Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester’s sister, casts her electoral vote for President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris
Credit via State of Delaware Livestream

Blunt-Carter is Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester’s sister. Blunt Rochester tweeted out her pride in her sister calling Blunt-Carter her hero as she was able to sign her name to cast her vote just a year after suffering a stroke.

Bullock oversaw the proceedings, and he hopes Biden and Harris can fix the issues facing the country.

"We wish the new administration the courage and judgement to lead us through this long, dark winter and two as Lincoln said in his second inaugural bind up the nation's wounds as we move towards renewed prosperity."

Delaware’s certified results will now go to the U.S. Senate president.

A Joint Session of Congress meets on January 6th to count the votes, and declare election results.

Watch Delaware's electors cast their votes: