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Enlighten Me: More Generation Voice features from Mount Pleasant high school

Feb 26, 2021

We’ve been spending time on The Green recently highlighting work from student journalists at both the high school and college level.

Delaware Public Media partners with McKean and Mount Pleasant High Schools in the Red Clay and Brandywine school districts to expose students there to radio journalism. Delaware Public Media reporter and youth media producer Sophia Schmidt leads that collaboration for us.

And in this week’s Enlighten Me, we return to the radio career pathway at Mount Pleasant and WMPH to hear stories from a trio of students  about life during the pandemic.

While many students are back at school in hybrid learning models now - the COVID-19 outbreak over the past year has not only robbed them of their in-school education, but forced them to face many other obstacles.

Emily - a junior - examines their struggles when school was forced solely online

One of the many struggles that students deal with learning at home is computer problems. Jairus - a senior -  takes a closer look at the issue.

And we know the difficulties many small businesses have faced during the pandemic.  Kevin - a senior - focused on one of them in Brandywine Hundred.

A reminder that stories like these are part of Delaware Public Media’s collaboration with the Brandywine School District at Mount Pleasant High School and its radio station WMPH - as well as the Red Clay School District at McKean High School and its radio station WMHS.

Our Youth media producer Sophia Schmidt oversees this collaboration and worked on pieces like these with teacher Paul Wishengrad who runs the Career Pathway we work with at Mount Pleasant.