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Enlighten Me: Generation Voice students find their "sanctuary"

Jun 29, 2018

In this week’s Enlighten Me – we return our Generation Voice Youth Media project at WMPH and Mount Pleasant High School in the Brandywine School Distrit to highlight work done this year by students there.

The term ‘sanctuary’ refers to a place of refuge and protection,  a place most of us seek out at one time or another for any variety of reasons -including high school students.

During the stressful end-of-the year cramming for finals and, for some, contemplating college and next steps,  Generation Voice students were asked to write about and record sounds from  their own safe places. This week, we let you hear what some of them had to say.

Up first is Mark Richardson, who just finished his sophomore year.  Mark explains his sanctuary is not a physical space.   

Next, we hear from Jade Reyes who just completed her freshman year.  She also tells us her santcuary isn’t tied to a specific place.

Our next student voice is rising sophomore Gordon Coleman, who found his sanctuary in his own backyard.

Finally, we turn to Tristan Murphy, who was a freshman this past school year.  He finds sanctuary in the virual world of a video game.

Thanks to all the Mt. Pleasant High School students we heard form this week. And a reminder that all these pieces are part of Generation Voice - our collaboration with the Brandywine School District at Mt. Pleasant High school and its radio station WMPH. Our Youth media producer Sophia Schmidt oversees Generation Voice for us - working with Mt Pleasant teacher Paul Wishengrad who runs the Career Pathway we work with there

And a reminder we will be taking Generation Voice to another school, Mc Kean High School this fall.  Stay tuned for more details on that.