Delaware Public Media

Enlighten Me: Campus stories from UD student journalists

Jun 21, 2019

The Green is committed to highlighting student voices as part of our Enlighten Me segment, and this week we  head to Newark to put the spotlight on work from the University of Delaware.

In this edition of Enlighten Me, we have three stories by UD student journalists.

They were produced for a class taught by Nancy Karibjanian, long-time First State journalist, Director of UD’s Center for Political Communication, and one of founders of Delaware Public Media.

We start with rising senior Lauren Collison, a Sports Management major.  Her story focuses on America’s Pastime, baseball.  But she tells us that for some playing at UD, the sport also serves as a sort of high school reunion.

Next, we hear from rising junior Mia Kweit.  The Communications interest major notes that weather can be extremely unpredictable – and in Newark, if you wait a minute, it will change. Kweit says every UD student knows the struggle of the changing weather on campus, but she  decided to take some time to try to explain why this weird phenomenon occurs and distinguish fact from fiction.

And we finsh with rising senior Nicholas Pirhalla.  The English Major with a Journalism minor says as tattoos popularity rises with millenials, some are venturing away from established tattoo shops, and into the living room to get them.

Thanks to rising UD senior Nicholas Pirhalla, rising junior Mia Kweit and rising senior Lauren Collison for enlightening us this week with their campus stories.