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Drivers getting a break at the pump with lower gas prices

Feb 10, 2020

Gas prices are down drastically - both locally and nationally.


AAA Mid-Atlantic reports gas prices have dropped by double digits throughout the tri-state area over the past month.


Delaware is down by 23-cents, with the price for a gallon of regular at $2.17 Monday.

The price in Philadelphia is $2.60, 17-cents lower than a month and drivers are paying about $2.42 in South Jersey, down about 16-cents. 

AAA says lower crude oil prices are the primary reason for the falling pricesas the market continues to react to the spread of coronavirus.  Coronavirus is depleting fuel demand in China, the world's largest oil importer, pulling oil prices down.

That’s on top of low demand overall and a high level of gasoline stocks. 

Nationally, the average gas price  is $2.43, down four cents in the last week, down 16 cents in the last month.


AAA expects prices to decline further through February.