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A Dover EDGE Grant winner publishes a book

Aug 17, 2021

A recent Delaware’s EDGE grant recipient is now an author.


Dan Spencer received $35,829 in the second round of the state’s Encouraging Development, Growth & Expansion grant funding.  

He used that money to write The Best Guitar Book for Beginners - How to Read Music.

“We actually have three separate series for guitar players that we’re working on right now. Because I’m not sure if you’re familiar with this - but guitar is one of the more challenging instruments to read music on because of a variety of factors," said Spencer. "This particular book is focused solely on teaching guitar players how to read music, which is a skill that all guitar players could really benefit from.”

Spencer explains why he wrote the book.

“I went to school for music and I’ve been playing music for a long time in various areas of the music industry. And one of the things that always really struck me was that all those guitar method books out there are either moving very fast at sort of a collegiate rate or even so slow that it almost doesn’t give you information that beginners need,” said Spencer.

Spencer says he has over 10 years of music coaching experience. The Dover resident’s studio experience includes playing on and producing charting songs in various genres with releases on UGM and indie labels.

You can find his new book on Amazon.