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Division of the Arts announces new focus for FY2021 grants

Feb 1, 2020

The Delaware Division of the Arts is focusing its energy on a specific area during its Fiscal Year 2021 grant cycle.


The Division of the Arts welcomes grant proposals this year from community organizations and schools using the arts to address trauma-related issues.

“The Delaware Division of the Arts has a number of grant categories, but we are emphasizing a focus on a recent executive order issued by Gov. Carney, Executive Order #24, which declares Delaware to be a trauma-informed State,” said Division of the Arts director Paul Weagraff.

He says the division has previously used project support grants and artist residency grants at schools to address trauma related issues.


“A number of our community-based organizations work with clients who have been dealing with mental health issues - many of which are trauma induced, whether it be childhood trauma or veterans returning from overseas with symptoms of PTSD,” Weagraf said.

Weagraff notes that Gov. Carney’s executive order has been in place since 2018 and seeks to mitigate adverse childhood experiences and build resilience in children, adults and communities.


Weagraff wants people to understand that “the arts heal.” He notes that research on using art therapy shows drawing, painting and music help people going through trauma process the information easier.


Information on applying for state arts grants is available here.