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Delmarva Power ready to keep homes warm & bright this winter

Jan 1, 2019

It’s officially winter and Delmarva Power says it’s already working to keep homes and businesses warm and bright throughout the season.


Delmarva Power says it’s prepared its electric and natural gas grid for the colder months and possible winter storms that lie ahead.

Delmarva Power communications manager Jake Sneeden explains what that entails.


“Winter storms are NOT far away. So to prepare our energy grid we are inspecting and upgrading equipment. We trim trees, which typically cause about 40% of our outages each year.  And then we’re also building underground equipment, installing stronger tree-resistant aerial cable; we’re conducting emergency response drills, testing our emergency systems,” said Sneeden.

Sneeden says Delmarva Power spends $428 million dollars each year to modernize its local energy grid, perform maintenance inspections and enhance existing infrastructure.

He adds that customers should also prepare.

Sneeden suggests having an emergency kit. That kit should include a flashlight or two with extra batteries, a battery-powered radio or TV, special-needs items like medications and a list of emergency phone numbers.


“You know being prepared is a responsibility everyone should take seriously. So customers should assemble an emergency storm kit; take this time to apply insulation, caulking, weather stripping, around your home to keep out the cold. If you have a generator, review the manufacturers’ instructions for how to operate it safely so it’s ready for this winter,” Sneeden said.


Sneeden says if the weather does turn bad this winter and your power does go out or if you see downed wires, you can reach Delmarva Power at 800-898-8042.