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Delaware Forest Service looking for recruits for wildfire training

Oct 9, 2018

The Delaware Forest Service wants to add to its wildfire crews before next year’s fire season.


This year, the First State sent two crews to help battle wildfires in Colorado, Idaho, and Montana.  


And now the Delaware Forest Service is looking to increase the number of people available when those calls to assist come.

“Really we’re looking to train highly motivated, physically fit folks that are willing to travel for up to two weeks. Typically our fire assignments for our crews last anywhere from 16 to 18 days. And our main goal for doing this is to give people an incredible experience to see parts of the country that they may have not seen,” said Assistant State Forester Kyle Hoyd.


Hoyd says while you need to be physically fit to do the job, that’s not the only thing he’s looking for.


“70% of the people that I tend to migrate towards or to really, really look at as a good fit for the crew, I need them to be just very sound mentally. It’s a very difficult game when you’re out there, when you’re fighting these fires,” Hoyd said.


Hoyd notes that no previous experience is needed, but recruits will be required to complete two courses before reporting for training. Both are available online.

He adds there are also two courses held on separate weekends at the Delaware State Fire School in Dover that recruits must complete to receive certification.


Applicants can register by October 16 by contacting the Delaware State Fire School at (302) 739-4773

The Delaware Forest Service has, to date, trained more than 400 wildland firefighters through its program.