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Delaware Democratic Party chair praises virtual convention as "just as rich an experience""

Aug 19, 2020

This year’s Democratic National Convention moved to the digital realm – both for public speeches and behind the scenes work. And the chairman of the Delaware Democratic Party is calling it a pleasant surprise. 

During the convention, Delaware delegates start their day with virtual breakfast meetings that have included the state’s Congressional delegation and DNC Chair Thomas Perez. They have virtual meetings with various caucuses in the afternoon and hold other virtual events in the evening leading up to DNC programming. 

Erik Raser-Schramm was a delegate at the 2016 convention in Philadelphia and now heads the Delaware Democratic party. 

He says he was disappointed when he found out this year’s convention would not be held in person, but adds it has gone far better than he expected. 

“It’s actually far more inclusive,” said Raser-Schramm. “In the past, you know, obviously, being a delegate, people have to run and they still get that, but only those delegates are allowed in the convention hall. The neat thing about this year is we’re all together. We’re all on a level playing field. Yes, the delegates get to vote, etc. But everyone has the same access and they’re seeing the same thing on their screens.”        

Former-Vice President Joe Biden will accept his presidential nomination Thursday. And Raser-Schramm says Delaware delegates will view the speech like a drive-in movie from outside of the Chase Center.

“Everybody will be in their own cars only with family members from their own house—again this is the delegation that was elected—and we will be able to watch on a big screen and hear the vice president accept the nomination, and I think that is a very unique opportunity for the delegates,” he said.        

Raser-Schramm credits Perez and the platform commission made up of half Bernie Sanders supporters and half Joe Biden supporters for putting together a platform that "unifies the party."

He adds Delaware Democrats also put together their platform virtually - highlighting issues like climate change as they seek to mirror and localize the national party platform.