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Delaware City receives $150,000 from DNREC for green initiatives

Jan 9, 2020

Delaware City is getting an influx of cash for environmentally-friendly projects.


Delaware’s Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) is giving the city Delaware City $150,000 to fund green technology, energy conservation and environmental initiatives.



“The money is going to be used for some sustainability investments in the City," said DNREC Secretary Shawn Garvin. "One is going to be looking at the Community Center parking lot and the basketball court so they can put in pervious pavement, which is basically pavement which allows the water to run through the pavement and return to the groundwater.”


But Garvin says that work is only part of what Delaware City plan to do at the community center and elsewhere.


“[There's] also installation of rain gardens in and around the property. Also money for a comprehensive energy audit for Town Hall and the Community Center," said Garvin. "And just some general overall city-wide paving assessment to explore some options on additional areas where they might be able to use pervious pavement.”


Delaware City's Library and Community Center are where much of DNREC funds going the city will be spent.
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Garvin points out the Community Center, which is more than 60-years-old, is an important hub, housing the Delaware City Library, the Police Athletic League Center, Reedy Point Players community theatre group and various classes.


He says a conversation with Delaware City Mayor Paul Johnson prompted DNREC to allocate the funding.


“We were discussing some of the needs in the City. And I asked him to provide us a proposal of some items that they might be able to use that would benefit the environment and really create quality of life improvements,” said Garvin.


Garvin says the money comes from DNREC’s Penalty Fund, fines collected by the agency from violations committed in the First State.


Delaware City will spend the awarded funds, then be reimbursed by DNREC from that fund.