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DART seeks to consolidate bus stops in New Castle County

Mar 5, 2019

DART presented proposed bus route and stop changes to the public in Wilmington Tuesday.


The changes proposed by DART include shifts to bus route timing, elimination of the Newark-Wilmington Train Connection and expanded service to the Airport Plaza Shopping Center in New Castle.

Officials are also proposing the elimination of upwards of 80 bus stops in New Castle County.

Delaware Transit Corporation CEO John Sisson says the stops in question have very low ridership. He says their elimination would speed up travel time and some would be consolidated with more ADA-compliant stops.

The bus stops that the transit company has proposed dropping represent 4 to 5 percent of the nearly 2,000 bus stops in New Castle County, according to a DART official.

Several members of the public complained at a hearing in Wilmington on Tuesday morning about confusion caused by past route changes and the elimination of bus stops, especially on Rodney Square.

Grant Orzechowski is a Pike Creek-area bus rider. “My main concern is they keep changing [the stops], and it’s getting ultra confusing. It’s like the old saying— if it’s not broken, don’t fix it,” said Orzechowski.

Sisson says up-to-date information about routes and stops will be available.

“There’s new signage at each of the bus stops that shows exactly folks where to board and leave. On the website there’s information [that] explains [to] people where to board. On the public timetable it’ll show exactly where to go to," said Sisson.

He says the public timetable is available on buses, as well as at DART headquarters.

DART is also holding public hearings in Newark, Dover and Georgetown this week.

DART and DelDOT officials plan to review public input, then approve the changes next month.

The proposed changes are expected to roll out May 19.