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ChristianaCare develops telehealth Employee COVID-19 Symptom Monitoring and Testing Program

Jun 14, 2020

ChristianaCare has developed a new virtual telehealth service for employers to help them get staff back to work during the coronavirus pandemic.

The new virtual telehealth service provides daily monitoring of employees for COVID-19 symptoms, testing, and, if needed, care for anyone who tests positive.

“It is designed to increase safety and ease really the anxiety in the workplace by effectively monitoring employees’ health. It’s an easy to use program. It provides daily symptom assessments with monitoring. But most importantly our program provides convenient access to our CareVio registered nurses,” said Dr. Janine Jordan - the medical director for CareVio, ChristianaCare’s population health management program that monitors chronic disease patients at home.


Dr. Jordan says, “How the program works itself - prior to the start of a work day, an employee will receive a text message - and it can be in either English or Spanish with a few screening questions related to the coronavirus.”  

Dr. Jordan says if the employees indicate they have no symptoms, they receive an “all clear” text that says it is safe to report to work. If they indicate they have developed symptoms, they get a text saying they are “not cleared” to report to work. In that case, a registered nurse reaches out to begin further evaluation.  

Dr. Jordan says 12 employers in Delaware are currently participating in the program with an estimated 5,600 people being monitored.


She says participating companies range from construction and transportation firms to other healthcare facilities and nursing homes.


To find out more or to connect with the program, click here.