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Arts Playlist: New project coming from the Twin Poets

Jun 5, 2020

Delaware’s Poets Laureate, Al Mills and Nnamdi Chukwuocha,are among the 2020 Poets Laureate Fellows.


And the honor is giving them the chance to launch a new project.



The Twin Poets are two of  23 individuals across the country receiving $50,000 from the Academy of American Poets for being named fellows.

Mills says he and his brother plan to use their money to launch Write Now!,


“Write Now! is a series of poetry writing workshops dealing with youth, dealing with gun violence in the inner cities and also, we work with the veterans - a veterans group in reference to PTSD, which I suffer from. And my writing helps me so I go into the V-A and help other vets,” Mills said.

Mills says he and the vets he helps journal their thoughts and feelings to help them with their PTSD.



He adds that the Write Now series will culminate with the Write Now Poetry Festival in April 2021.


Mills says he and his brother have attended a number of poetry festivals in a number of cities, but none in Delaware unfortunately.



Nnamdi Chukwuocha, who is also a State representative and teaches at Delaware State University in Dover, says it’s a great honor to receive the award.

“And we need to realize that the work that we’re doing - the base work that we’re doing in our community is seen as valued and valuable and can make a difference throughout our nation," said Chukwuocha. "We’re very honored to have the honor to present our project and to bring these funds into our communities to aid with the artistic work and development and healing of our communities.” 

You can read more about the brothers and listen to them here.