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Arts Playlist: Lauren E. Peters exhibition "Ship of Theseus"

Dec 14, 2018

There’s a new exhibition on display at the Mezzanine Gallery in the Carvel State Office Building in Wilmington.


It’s by Wilmington resident and painter Lauren E. Peters and is called “Ship of Theseus.

Peters says it's a series of self-portraits that explore the concept of identity.

“I mean I think it’s interesting in terms of what I’m doing, because I put on all these costumes, like I wear wigs, I somewhat alter my appearance to keep it interesting. So I was always trying to get at the root of like what is the real self,” Peters said.


Peters says she hopes people do not view her costumes as disguises. Rather, she says, her costumes are created to bring the different realities beneath “our” normal appearance.  


Peters says the name "Ship of Theseus" refers to a thought experiment that raises the question of whether a ship - standing for an object in general - that has all of its components replaced, remains fundamentally the same object.


“If I replace certain parts of myself or put on different things or take away different things, does that get at the real me? Or is it...I don’t know. I’m interested in the taking away or the adding on and what that does to whatever your idea of the core of yourself is,” said Peters. 



Peters’ exhibit runs through December 28, 2018. The Mezzanine Gallery is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Learn more about Peters with this YouTube Meet the Artist video series.



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