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Ardens recognized for creating wildlife-friendly habitats

Jul 9, 2021

The Ardens in northern New Castle County recently became one of five communities in Delaware certified by the National Wildlife Federation for their wildlife habitat. 

The organization’s Community Wildlife Habitat program recognizes communities that commit to creating wildlife habitats and educating residents. 

Patrick Fitzgerald, senior director of community wildlife at the Federation, says more than 40 properties within the historic artist communities are now certified, “which means they have food, water, cover and places to raise young for wildlife.”

Fitzgerald notes maintaining good habitat for wildlife doesn’t just happen in national parks or nature preserves. 

“You can really have an impact in urban and suburban areas and in communities, just by changing what you plant and thinking about native plants,” he said. 

About 140 other communities across the country have achieved the wildlife habitat certification. The other places in Delaware that earned certification are Red Clay Valley, Newark, Slaughter Beach and Townsend, says Fitzgerald. 

The Ardens plan to celebrate the certification with an event next Wednesday on Sherwood Green and the Arden Gild Hall.