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ACLU Delware files lawsuit against Dover PD

Sep 29, 2014

The American Civil Liberties Union of Delaware filed a lawsuit against the City of Dover and a city police officer Monday over an incident last year that put a Dover man in the hospital.

The lawsuit seeks compensatory damages, including the payment of attorney fees, for an August 2013 incident involving Lateef Dickerson and Corporal Thomas Webster of the Dover PD. Dickerson ended up at Kent General Hospital after Webster responded to a call from the clerk of a local gas station, who said the Dover man left the scene of an “incident” there.

The police officer encountered Dickerson on DuPont Highway, where an interaction between the two left Dickerson with a broken jaw and other facial injuries.

Dover Police opened an internal investigation after Dickerson filed a complaint with the department. It later dropped the investigation without taking disciplinary action against Webster.