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Delaware revenue estimate rises again as state lawmakers prepare to build 2023 budget


Delaware sees another boost to its budgetary bottom line in the latest state revenue forecast.

The Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council (DEFAC) added another $184 million to the pool of money lawmakers can use when crafting the fiscal year 2023 budget.

They now have $6.48 billion dollars available to spend. That’s well above the $4.9 billion budget and $200 million in one-time supplemental spending Gov. John Carney proposed in January.

$236 million of the surplus revenue will go toward the $300 rebate check each adult in the state will receive starting this month.

The budget-writing Joint Finance Committee will use the May DEFAC estimates when it begins its budget mark-up May 24th.

DEFAC offers one final set of estimates in mid-June before lawmakers vote on the state’s 2023 budget before the end of the legislative session June 30.