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GOP State Reps call for Gov. Carney to return state to normalcy

Delaware Public Media

Delaware House Republicans question Gov. John Carney about the metrics the state used for mandates and urge a return to normalcy.

With hospitalizations at 190, the seven-day average for new cases and positive tests down to 305 and 8.8% respectively, GOP State Representatives sent a letter to the governor asking for an end to all pandemic-related restrictions.

On January 15, those numbers were much higher with 711 hospitalizations, 2,804 seven-day average of new cases, and 28.7% seven-day average of positive tests.

This includes ending the mask mandates at all state buildings and schools returning to normal operations.

Gov. Carney said he hadn’t seen the letter as of Tuesday afternoon, but notes his administration has worked with all legislators on COVID policy.

"We'll continue to work with members of the party on the other side to do the best for all Delawareans. When it comes to COVID there's no D's or R's or I's, everybody's a Delawarean, and we're trying to protect each and everyone," said Carney.

Carney added he keeps all legislators up to date on any decisions made.

"We've tried hard over the last two years to keep open lines of communications with all legislators - Democratic and Republican,” said Carney. “I know that when we have a significant announcement that we mostly make on these weekly press conferences we give legislators and other elected officials a heads up so that they're not caught by surprise."

As for lifting the mask mandate in state facilities, Carney said it’s not an easy move because each building and situation is very different.

"We have prisons with congregate settings and youth detention centers which require a certain extra level of attention when it comes to keeping the virus out of their facilities."

Carney adds a number of facilities - like public transportation - are under the requirements of the federal government, and other facilities deal with direct contact with the public.