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Wilmington City Council Redistricting Committee approves redistricting plan


The Wilmington City Council Redistricting Committee is sending an approved proposal to the full council.

The committee voted 5-2 to pick what was labeled Map 3 - the one the committee approved in an October meeting - to align districts after the 2020 census.

This round of redistricting is counting inmates at their last known residence outside their correctional facility - which is in line with state law.

The second and sixth districts saw no changes, while there were changes in every other with streets moving between districts adjusting population in those districts.

At-Large Council member Maria Cabrera was among the committee members to vote for the plan.

"Since the start, Map number 3 did divide the city and the numbers, and it brought some communities together and others that made sense and it is the common sense map,” said Cabrera.

The committee also voted down another proposal put forth after the committee’s October meeting. That was also a 5-2 vote.

During public comment Jim Shanahan -representing three different organizations in Brandywine Village - says the approved map is the best one.

"It keeps the neighborhoods together throughout the city, and it doesn't unduly upset patterns of people working together that have been in place for years," said Shanahan. "And number two from the perspective of the people in Brandywine Village it reunites the part of Brandywine Village that is on the other side of the river on the south side of the river by expanding district 3 to include the area up to Market Street."

The committee approved proposal now goes to the full council December 9, with a final vote set for January 6, 2022.