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New Castle County plans to provide $3 million for community health program

Matt Meyer ARPA Nurses
Tom Byrne
Delaware Public Media
Matt Meyer announces ARPA funding for the Nurse Family Partnership program

New Castle County proposes to use federal funds from the American Rescue Plan for the Nurse-Family Partnership.

The county plans to invest $3 million over the next three years in partnership with Children & Families First to expand the Nurse-Family Partnership.

The Nurse-Family Partnership is a community health program that pairs registered nurses with low-income first-time mothers to provide home visits during pregnancy and through the first two years of a child’s life to help ensure health and wellness.

The program started in 2010 and reaches about 250 mothers each year.

New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer’s plan would allow the program to add another 120 first-time mothers annually.

"We're committed to, over the coming years, reaching hundreds more mom's living in poverty, getting them enrolled in services, intensive case management headed by a trained nurse," said Meyer.

The specially trained nurses help mothers set goals to improve their health, their children’s health, and their family’s economic self-sufficiency - tracking them for up to three years to ensure their progress

"By investing in the Nurse-Family Partnership New Castle County is investing in improving the lives of children and families in our community which will have long-lasting effects on the health of our citizens for years to come," said Kirsten Olson, CEO of Children & Families First. "We're thrilled for the opportunity to partner with you to activate our vision of a community where children are nurtured, healthy, and safe. Individuals are valued and families are strong and self-sufficient."

New Castle County Council must approve the funding going to Nurse Family Partnership.