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Changes coming to New Castle County public safety leadership


Promotions lead to a change at the top of New Castle County Police.

New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer nominates current County Police Chief Colonel Vaughn Bond to be the county’s Public Safety Director.

And Meyer taps Captain Joe Bloch to replace Bond as county Police Chief.

He says the moves are simply to provide quality service to county residents.

"We have a great Police Department, we have a great paramedic service, we have a great 911 service, and today's move is in an interest of continuing down that path to provide highest quality innovative policing to the people of this county," said Meyer.

Bond was the county’s first Black police chief. In his new role, he will oversee County Police, Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Communications, the Office of Emergency Management, and collaborate with the fire service.

Meyer says it was time to make a change.

"It was time to infuse the top of the police agency with some new energy," he said. "Colonel Bond for his part has certain issues that he's passionate about continuing to work on. He is a tremendous public servant. He's already provided decades of amazing public service."

Meyer adds Bloch has the respect of officers and residents, and is the right choice at a difficult time.

"We need to understand those nuances and those challenges in policing in 2021 and in my conversations with Joe Bloch he has an understanding of that that I believe will inform our county police in a positive way for years to come," said Meyer.

Both promotions go into effect October 1 pending New Castle County Council approval.

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