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Effort to ban 'ghost guns' revived at Leg Hall

Delaware State Police

A new bill in the General Assembly seeks to add restrictions on so-called “ghost guns.”

Ghost guns can be made at home using a 3D printer. They don’t have a serial number, making them untraceable.

HB 125 would create new felony criminal laws for owning, transporting or making a firearm with no serial number in the First State. 

House Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst reintroduced the bill last week. Her first attempt last year stalled because of the pandemic.

“I worked with the NRA on that bill last year, so I’m hoping it’ll get some bipartisan support,” said Longhurst. “The law abiding citizens, they have their guns serialized and they have background checks, so I think this is the population of the country or of Delawareans that don’t follow the rule of law.”

Eight states and the District of Columbia have enacted laws addressing untraceable guns, according to Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

Delaware’s bill excludes older firearms, antiques and muzzle loaders. It also does not apply to law enforcement or active military.

In a statement, Gov. John Carney voiced support for the measure calling it “thoughtful” and “reasonable.”

Longhurst says she expects several more bills related to firearms introduced later this session.