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AG Jennings' goals for legislative session include gun restrictions, ending cash bail

Courtesy of Delaware Department of Justice

Delaware’s Attorney General is revealing her goals for the current General Assembly session.

State Attorney General Kathy Jennings’ legislative priorities include multiple measures to restrict gun rights.

She’s backing efforts to require a permit to purchase a gun, regulations on homemade gun kits and a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Jennings says this ban should include AR-15 rifles.

“These have no place in the hands of civilians, and it’s crystal clear to me that by banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines we will save lives, period,” said Jennings.    

Jennings also wants to implement a ban on guns at polling places. And she supports a permanent law to allow early voting and voting by mail—as was allowed for 2020 elections by legislation passed last year.

Jennings’ other priorities include ending the state’s cash bail system as well as excessive court fees and fines. She says the current system isn’t working.

“Nobody should be in jail because of their poverty, and violent criminals should not walk free just because of their wealth,” said Jennings. “It’s time for us to end cash bail, and have this be a risk-based bail system in Delaware.”    

An end to cash bail requires a constitutional amendment, which would need to be approved by two consecutive legislative sessions. Illinois’ state legislature became the first state to pass a measure to end cash bail earlier this year. 

Funding body cameras for all police departments statewide is also on Jennings’ legislative wish list. She commends Gov. Carney for including about $2 million for body cameras in his proposed budget, but adds it will likely take closer to $4 million to fully fund the cameras.

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