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DelDOT offers pedestrians a way to flag problems

Delaware Public Media

DelDOT wants to help pedestrians to report issues they encounter.

DelDOT is adding a new “Report a Pedestrian Issue” feature on its website and app.

The goal is to make it easier for pedestrians to report problems they find along roadways, sidewalks, and paths throughout the state.

The app and website already include features ranging from real-time travel advisories, current projects and a snowplow tracker to DMV wait times, real-time DART bus information, and DART’s Mobile Pass.

DelDOT’s community and relations director C.R. McLeod says this new feature will allow DelDOT to more quickly become aware about issues it may be missing.

"We have hundreds of miles of sidewalks and pedestrian crossings across the state, and we can't have eyes on all of these all the time so we need the public's help in letting us know if they encountered an issue, anything from cracks in the sidewalk, a broken pedestrian crossing signal," said McLeod. "We want to make sure we're addressing these issues in a timely manner."

McLeod explains how the where the reported issues end up going.

"It will go to our pedestrian coordinator for review and they will create a work order for that and depending on where it is in the state a team will be dispatched to evaluate it and determine what needs to be fixed. In the case of it being a pedestrian signal it could be a light bulb has burned out or if it's a cracked sidewalk or uneven sidewalk that may need a more extensive repair."

Other reportable issues include curb ramps in need of repair, lack of sidewalks, and objects or vegetation blocking sidewalks.

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