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Coons and Blunt Rochester update COVID status after attending presidential debate

via Chris Coons campaign Twitter

News that the President and First Lady both tested positive for the virus prompted Sen. Chris Coons and Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester to get tested again.

The two were among former Vice President Joe Biden’s guests for Tuesday’s debate with President Trump.

Coons says he tested negative for COVID-19 Friday morning. Biden and his wife Jill also tested negative.

Blunt Rochester confirmed Friday afternoon that her test earlier in the day also came back negative.

Dr. Donna Patterson is Chair of the Department of History, Political Science and Philosophy at Delaware State University. She says the risk to either member of Delaware’s congressional delegation contracting COVID is likely limited. 

“But it also depends on what close proximity they were to Trump and his supporters and entourage that accompanied him to the debate, frankly,” said Patterson. “How close were they? Were there some backstage interactions? The way they were seated in the audience, the two different camps, I think it would be very limited.” 

Patterson adds each might want to consider getting tested again in the near future given the gestation time of the virus.

In a statement, Coons said he is “hoping for a swift recovery for President Trump and the First Lady,” adding “this is a reminder that all of us are vulnerable to this dangerous virus. 

Blunt Rochester also issued a statement wishing the President and First Lady a speedy recovery. She calls the President’s positive “a reminder to all Americans that no one is immune from this virus.”  She added FRidta afternoon that "individuals must stay vigilant by wearing our masks, washing our hands, and maintaining social distance, and as a nation, must work together to fight this virus.”

Patterson also says she hopes this situation serves as a reminder to the public. 

“The nation—both those who support Trump and those who may not support Trump—that they really take this seriously and use this as a wakeup call for people who may not have been taking it seriously,” she said. 

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