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New Castle County Council prepares to stream meetings


Residents will be able to stream New Castle County Council meetings in the near future.



“This is what democracy is about. We do have a government based on the Constitution that says ‘We the People’ and we need to make it as easy as possible for the people to know what the government is doing and to participate in their government," said 6th District County Councilman David Carter.

Carter supports council meetings being streamed live and on demand on the council’s web page. He says streaming meetings is a positive for county constituents.

"They want more access to what the government is doing and be able to participate and to watch, and they want it as convenient as possible. And now the technology allows that, we can allow them at their convenience to watch and monitor what New Castle County Council is doing very transparently they can do it from their home."

County Council will use the cameras of WITN, Wilmington’s Channel 22, in council chambers, and they will use WITN’s cameras in the council conference room, where they hold committee meetings.  

Streaming meetings was approved by council’s last session, and Carter explains the delay in getting it going.

"A little bit more expensive than we expected largely for the infrastructure improvements required in the building, and so that took a while and then, of course, to get the contracts done. So, we have had it done and ready to go for a few months and then the COVID-19 hit delayed us as we were just simply relying on Zoom for that."

Carter notes the most recent meetings that took place on Zoom are available on the county’s website.

Access to New Castle County meetings live and on-demand can be found at the county's website.