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State Sen. Paradee's brother resigns from DE Turf board amid concerns about tax legislation

Milton Pratt
Delaware Public Media

John Paradee is stepping down from DE Turf’s board amid conflict of interest questions surrounding his brother’s tax legislation. 

State Sen. Trey Paradee (D-Dover) cosponsored a bill allowing Kent County Levy Court commissioners to impose a 3 percent tax on the county’s hotels, motels and vacation rentals. 

The law - which passed with little opposition - listed the public-private Frederica sports facility DE Turf as the sole beneficiary of the tax. This raised concerns from open government advocates and area-residents since Paradee’s brother John was a member of DE Turf’s board. 

Sen. Paradee denied sponsoring the bill to benefit his brother, and has since said he intends to remove DE Turf as the only recipient of the lodging tax when the legislature reconvenes in January.

In a letter addressed to DE Turf’s Board Chair, John Paradee tendered his resignation from the board earlier this month.

In the letter, John Paradee says he fulfilled his duties to the organization with the "utmost fidelity." He adds what he calls a "patently false and recklessly irresponsible narrative" threatens public faith in DE Turf and he is stepping down to avoid risking further distractions.

DE Turf is in debt nearly $21 million from the construction of the complex in 2016.

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