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Departing Elections Commissioner supports nominee named to replace her

Delaware Public Media

Delaware’s outgoing Elections Commissioner Elaine Manlove says she approves of Gov. John Carney’s pick to replace her.

Carney announced Thursday his intention to nominate New Castle County’s Elections Director Anthony Albence to be the state’s top vote counter.

Manlove is leaving the office after 12 years of service saying, "it's time for someone else." She says much has changed for her office since the 2016 election.

“On Election Day two guys from the Homeland Security sat in my office all day. I meet with the FBI, the State Police, the National Guard just to get brought up to date on incidents that might be happening, or something could affect us that maybe happened in another state,” said Manlove. “It’s added a whole new facet to the things that we do on a normal routine basis.”

Manlove says she believes Albence is a qualified replacement. She has worked with him throughout her tenure as state Elections Commissioner. Albence replaced Manlove when he took over the New Castle County Elections office in 2007 and Manlove became Election Commissioner.

Manlove notes the state’s purchase of new voting machines as being her biggest accomplishment while in office.

“[Albence] has been right along side by side with me through this process of buying these machines as all three counties have been,” said Manlove. “So he’s been in there from the ground up seeing what we do and how it works. He also has federal Homeland Security clearance. So, yeah, I think he’s well equipped to do this job.”

Manlove plans to leave at the end of the month. Albence’s nomination requires Senate approval. A spokesperson for Governor Carney’s office says a vote is planned in the coming weeks.

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