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Lobbyist and former lawmaker offers stories from political insider

Bob Byrd
A new book offers an insider’s look at Legislative Hall and stage politics.";

A new book out this summer is one that First State political junkies won’t want to miss.


The new book is called “Byrd of Legislative Hall” and is the story of Bob Byrd - a former State Representative turned lobbyist, who is chief executive officer of The Byrd Group.


Byrd says his book was produced with the help of journalist Celia Cohen, who spent 40 years covering Delaware politics.


“When Celia Cohen retired from her positions a few years ago, she came to me and she said, if you want to write a book, I’ll help you do it; I had always thought about it. But Celia gave me the inspiration,” said Byrd.  


In his book, Byrd discusses everything from his opposition to the death penalty and working with Delaware’s first female Governor - Ruth Ann Minner to Delaware’s casinos, the state’s reaction on September 11th and who would replace Joe Biden when he left the U.S. Senate to become Vice President.

Birdie, as he’s called in many circles, dedicated the book to his family.

“Being in this business is a little bit difficult; it’s time consuming - it’s tough - you have to work a lot of hours; you’re up and down the State a lot and it takes a lot of commitment. And I’ve had a lot of support over the years from all of the members of my family - so that’s why I’ve dedicated the book to them and I think that’s appropriate,” said Byrd.

To read more and order the book, click here.

Kelli Steele has over 30 years of experience covering news in Delaware, Baltimore, Winchester, Virginia, Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego, California.