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Sen. Coons reacts to Trump's Japan visit

Delaware Public Media

Sen. Chris Coons is weighing in on President Donald Trump’s recent trip to Japan.

Coons said he disagrees with the president’s attacks on former vice president and longtime Delaware senator Joe Biden while Trump was overseas.

While traveling recently, the president seemed to side with the North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un when he tweeted that Biden was “low IQ.”

Coons said he disagrees with the substance and venue of the president’s attacks on the former vice president and long-time senator from Delaware.

“I don’t think it was a constructive thing for President Trump to attack our former Vice President Joe Biden in both tweets and remarks while he was overseas,” he said.

Biden’s campaign responded the president’s remarks are beneath the dignity of the office. Trump tweeted yesterday that he “softened” the dictator’s remarks from “low IQ idiot” to “low IQ individual.”

Delaware’s junior senator also said Trump is failing to take seriously North Korea’s recent short-range ballistic missile tests. Coons said Japan, where Trump recently visited, is one of our strongest allies.

“President Trump sort of downplayed or dismissed those concerns and insisted he still has a very positive view of Kim Jung Un," he said. "I think that’s widening the tensions and the gap between the United States and Japan.”

Coons said those missiles could easily reach Japan, which is leading to diplomatic strains.

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