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Bill adding Delaware to the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact goes to Gov. Carney

Delaware Public Media

Gov. John Carney is expected to sign legislation adding Delaware to the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact after it passed the House yesterday Thursday.

The compact is a group of states pledging to award electoral votes based on the winner of national popular vote. It passed the state Senate last week.

No Republican representative voted to support the legislation. State Rep. Bryan Shupe said the compact could ignore the will of Delaware voters by handing the state’s three electoral votes to a candidate a majority of them did not support.

“Our collective voice as a state will be irrelevant," he said. "With my vote today, I declare that the collective will of Delaware voters will always be more important than party politics when it comes to choosing our president.”

Supporters say the candidate who becomes president should the one who wins the national popular vote, not the Electoral College.

So far 11 states, including Rhode Island, Maryland and California, have joined the compact. It only takes effect when enough states join to deliver 270 electoral votes.

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