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Delaware Dept. of Labor seeks to eliminate anti-discrimination claims backlog

Tom Byrne
Delaware Public Media

The Delaware Department of Labor is seeking more state funding to eliminate some backlogs and waiting lists for services.

The department has had a backlog of anti-discrimination complaints for about nine years. It also wants to clear a waiting list of people with disabilities looking for job training assistance.

The Labor department told the Joint Finance Committee it needs nearly $943,000 in additional funds to accomplish those goals. And $1.26 million in spending authority.

Labor Secretary Cerron Cade said right now people filing workplace discrimination or sexual harassment complaints can wait up to two years for the department to get to their claim.

“Some cases it may be a little bit different, just because it you know it may be some threats of physical violence where it would shoot up to the higher priority list or individuals who may still be employed there may shoot up higher on the priority list,” he said.

Cade also said there’s about 600 people with disabilities on the waiting list for vocational services. He’s looking to reinstate funding for those services that was cut in fiscal year 2018.

He adds the department is also looking to enhance unemployment insurance services online.

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