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Carper, Blunt-Rochester on Trump's proposal to end shutdown


Members of Delaware’s Congressional delegation are commenting on this weekend’s quid pro quo from President Trump to reopen the government.

Trump offered to extend protections for DACA recipients, also known as “dreamers,” for the next three years in exchange for $5.7 billion in funding for a wall along the US-Mexico border.

Both Delaware Sen. Tom Carper and Congresswoman Lisa Blunt-Rochester note some encouragement following the president’s offer, but each adds they believe the federal government should be reopened before negotiations continue.

“We all believe in border security, we all believe we should have comprehensive immigration reform, but first we have to open the government,” said Blunt-Rochester.

Carper says he would consider voting for a spending bill that funds border security but only up to $5 billion.

“There’s a number between $1.6 (billion)—which is what we’ve appropriated—and $5 billion,” said Carper. “There’s a number there. And what the president needs to do is to negotiate in earnest with the House and Senate members, Democrat and Republican. Help find that number.”

Carper adds he would also like to see a clear pathway to documentation for dreamers and funding for the Central America aid program Alliance for Prosperity.

“The places where all these people showing up at our borders are mostly coming from is Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador,” said Carper. “And the reason why they are coming is they live horrific lives, plagued with crime, corruption, murder, mayhem, lack of opportunity, lack of hope. And they’re trying to get out of there. We are complicit in their misery given our addiction to drugs.”

Blunt-Rochester also rejects the president’s offer as it currently stands, citing the dreamers.

“They have been stellar students, they have served in our military, they have contributed to our society, so we would like to see more than a three-year extension,” said Blunt-Rochester.

The partial government shutdown is almost a month old and already the longest in US history. Carper says Senate negotiations to reopen the Government may resume Tuesday.