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UD poll shows favorable ratings for Delaware elected officials, support of policy ideas

Delaware Public Media

A new poll released by the University of Delaware Center for Political Communication shows Delawareans are happy with their elected leaders.

The UD poll finds more than 60 percent of Delawareans approve of Sen. Tom Carper and Gov. John Carney. Over 50 percent support the job performances of Sen. Chris Coons and Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester.

Both Carper and Blunt Rochester are running for another term in next month’s election. As is State Treasurer Ken Simpler, who people have speculated may challenge Carney for governor in 2020.

UD political science professor Paul Brewer said a lot Delawareans don’t know who Simpler is, something he would have to change - after successfully winning re-election.

“You could say he’s kind of fallen under the radar, and it’ll be interesting to see whether that works in an election cycle that a lot of people are expecting to be favorable towards the Democratic Party,” he said.

Simpler’s favorability rating is 36 percent.

The poll also found 61 percent of Delawareans agree with legalizing marijuana, with 33 percent against. Nearly 70 percent support Medicare-for-All and three in four support protecting transgender students from discrimination.

UD political science professor Paul Brewer said on some of these issues, they’re ahead of their elected officials. Sen. Tom Carper recently embraced decriminalization of marijuana for the first time in his 27 years in Congress. But Brewer notes he still easily beat progressive primary challenger Kerri Harris.

“Even then you know, it was probably the biggest primary scare, not that scary for Carper but the biggest challenge he’s had in a primary for a while - I think it’s safe to say.”

The poll also said about 54 percent of registered voters would support Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester while 26 percent would vote for GOP candidate Scott Walker.

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